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Amuse News is a news show that may amuse you, if your muse is music. The violinist Aleksey Igudesman decided that he’d seen enough depressing music news and is bringing back the cheerier side of the music world to audiences around the world. In a nutshell: Amuse News is a pun-filled summary of all the madness that has happened in recent times in the world of music, presented on YouTube.

Do you enjoy music and like to laugh?  Well, then get ready!  The latest project of renaissance man and musician Aleksey Igudesman is a pun-filled program featuring the musical news that we choose - which shouldn't give you the blues, but should rather amuse...  Hence its name:  Amuse News.

The show features a topical music news segment that doesn't take itself too seriously - as well as interviews with  established musicians, to focus on unique and strange aspects of their lives, which may surprise you. As an added bonus, Aleksey Igudesman releases a new original song and music video for each episode related to the news of the moment.  


Prepare to laugh, enjoy, and then good luck getting that catchy tune out of your head...

Weekly, Igudesman releases the “Headlines” where he features news from the music world across the globe, be it pop, rock, country, world, jazz or classical.


His interview partners include Daniel Hope from Episode 1 and Sean Lennon from Episode 2, with many more music celebrities to follow suit.

While the music world shuts down, get ready to party with Igudesman!

Regular segments include "Joo's Rant" in which Hyung-ki Joo rants about all the things that are wrong in the world of music and beyond, and "Instrument Tutorials" in which the ever so charming Lucy Landymore gives a comprehensive guide to instruments that she does not actually play.

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