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 Amuse News 

Amuse News is a pun-filled summary of all the madness that has happened in recent times in the world of music. This is something we have decided to create - just in case you’ve had enough of the outdated reporting on the thing we all love: Music.

Created and hosted by Aleksey Igudesman.

Alle Videos

Dubi Dubai (Official Music Video)

Worst Accordion Tutorial...ever! (feat. Lucy Landymore)

Amuse News 4 - Try Dubai

Worst Sleigh Bell Tutorial...ever! (feat. Lucy Landymore)

Whatever I Want (Official Music Video)

Amuse News 3 - Weird Music

Trump versus Weird Al Yankovic - Headlines 2

Main Subject outtake: Corona in Music - Amuse News

AC/DC Shoots people in the Dark - Headlines 3

Worst Violin Tutorial...ever!

Why do conductors wear turtlenecks?

Elton John hates Rod Stewart? - Amuse News Headlines 4

Heifetz had 3 arms!

Worst Flute Tutorial...ever!

Fatima's Job - Amuse News

Stealing Music (and why its okay!)

Singers are FAKE!

Crispy Violin (Official Music Video)

Sean Lennon's craziest interview!

Uruguay (Official Music Video)

Amuse News 2 (feat. Sean Lennon)

I like playing old computer games (Official Music Video)

Amuse News 1 (feat. Daniel Hope)

(KG)BeeGees Soviet Past - Amuse News Headlines 6


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